How Libertarians Aid and Abet Oligarchy

The list of reasons Trump is no longer President of the United States is endless. In a close election, any significant factor can be cited as the straw that broke the camel’s back. And in the years and months leading up to November 2020, there were some very big straws. Nonstop harassment by a Democratic House of Representatives and Democrat operatives embedded in federal agencies, an unbroken four year streak of media mudslinging, partisan censorship by online communications monopolies, opportunistic laws, court rulings and administrative edicts designed to increase the number of Democratic votes, and literally billions in partisan donations specifically targeting voters in Democrat-heavy cities in swing states.

Fraud as well? Sure. But the election was rigged with or without fraud.

The presence of a libertarian presidential candidate? Also yes, though difficult to prove.

When it comes to the loss of GOP control of the U.S. Senate, however, one single event stands out from the pack. The candidacy of libertarian candidate Shane Hazel, who threw the battle between Republican David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff into a runoff. It is true that maybe Perdue could have won his runoff if various external events hadn’t affected turnout on 1/05, but that’s beside the point. If Hazel hadn’t been a spoiler, there would not have been a runoff.

Perdue only needed 0.3 percent on November 3 to win. To suggest that Hazel wouldn’t have attracted another 0.3 percent of Republican votes, when Hazel garnered 2.3 percent of all votes, […] Read More

The Libertarian Path to Democrat One-Party Rule

A recent article in the Washington Examiner titled “Maybe the libertarians weren’t so irrelevant after all” just scratches the surface of the challenge posed to conservatives in America by the Libertarian Party. To state the obvious, America is a two-party system. When you split the anti-socialist vote, the socialist wins.

When elections are close, and three of America’s last six presidential elections have been decided by razor thin margins, the spoiler doesn’t have to be relevant to be “relevant.” When electoral votes are decided by margins of a few thousand, a one-percent shift to a third party changes who wins.

As Washington Examiner columnist Tiana Lowe put it: “In Arizona, Jorgensen has more than 50,000 votes, with 98% of total votes counted. Biden leads Trump by fewer than 15,000 votes. In Georgia, Jorgensen’s total is nearly six times Biden’s lead. In Wisconsin, it’s nearly double, and in Pennsylvania, it’s almost the same story.”

In the six states where Trump is reportedly losing by the thinnest margins, the impact of the Libertarian candidate either flipped the election to Biden or very nearly did. Notably, the Green Party candidate was not present on the ballot in any of these states except for Michigan, where he only won 0.2 percent of the vote. As the chart below shows, if the voters who’d opted for Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgenson had chosen Trump instead, Biden would now be losing in Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin, and his lead in Pennsylvania would be just […] Read More