Red Pills Are Falling Down All Over California

California may not have had a lot of rain again this winter, but there are other kinds of heavy weather. An atmospheric river of red pills has collided with the Golden State, and by the millions, Californians are realizing how deeply deluded they have been about the condition of their state.

The first signs of enlightenment came when an intrepid band of dissidents tried yet again to gather enough signatures to force a recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom. With no money, and four failed attempts already on record, nobody expected the fifth effort to succeed. But a year later, this volunteer army of several thousand Californians gathered nearly 2.2 million signed petitions. In early May, California’s secretary of state will almost certainly announce certification of the signatures. And later this year, California’s feckless governor will be fighting for his political life.

Recalls are contagious. Inspired by the Newsom recall, efforts are now underway to force recall elections in San Francisco and Los Angeles County, targeting the District Attorneys in those cities. Elected with money from leftist billionaires, money that was primarily directed into smear campaigns against their opponents, these two crime-friendly idiots, George Gascón in Los Angeles and Chesa Boudin in San Francisco, are very likely going to have to defend their records in special elections in early 2022.

The Heart of the Beast

These are not small victories. California isn’t some remote appendage to the Matrix. California is the […] Read More