Public Education is Changing Forever

The COVID pandemic has closed public schools for over two months, with no end in sight. This represents a seismic disruption to a system that was already strained. Before the pandemic lockdown, public schools in California faced financial insolvency, woeful failures to educate (especially in low income communities), and a parent uprising that was growing exponentially.

Now there’s an alternative. Home schooling.

As reported on May 14 in Real Clear Politics:

“A RealClear Opinion Research survey of 2,122 registered voters shows that support for educational choice is strong, and that a significant portion of parents are more likely to pursue homeschooling opportunities after the lockdowns end. The results show that 40% of families are more likely to homeschool or virtual school after lockdowns, and that 64% support school choice and 69% support the federal Education Freedom Scholarships proposal.”

If you want to disrupt the public sector union monopoly on public education, the pandemic shutdown is made to order. Up until two months ago, parent resentment of unionized public education was restricted to relatively small numbers of activists. But it isn’t as if their concerns weren’t valid. Parental rights had been undermined in two critical ways.

First, the newly mandated practice of “racial equity discipline” had turned many public schools into war zones. These Obama era federal rulings require punishments such as suspensions or expulsions to be meted out to students in equal proportions according to race. Districts that practiced racially proportionate discipline would receive bonus funds, and districts that […] Read More