HBO’s “Exterminate All the Brutes” is Anti-Racist Racism

If you have more than the proverbial 1/32 share of non-white lineage, Raoul Peck’s new HBO mini-series “Exterminate All the Brutes” will give you even more reasons to hate Western Civilization and its inextricable roots in white supremacy. Coming away from this 240 minute exercise in Euro-bashing, you will understand, more than ever, how everything that happens to you in life that’s bad is because you are a “person of color,” and everything good that happens to you in life is in spite of an oppressive system of white supremacy.

This is simplistic, one-sided, negative, polarizing pablum.

It isn’t as if anyone needed Peck’s film. Literally every established European and American institution has been spouting the same message: Unless you’re white, don’t bother to take responsibility for your life, your education, your wealth, your health, your community, or your happiness. Just don’t bother. Because if you’re a person of color, you live in an oppressive society that must be destroyed before you can truly experience freedom.

There aren’t words enough to describe how many ways this hideous message is toxic to everything it touches, people of color, people of no color, nations, institutions, civilizations, and plenty has already been written. But in the context of Peck’s “masterpiece,” a few reminders are warranted.

You won’t find those reminders in the rave reviews that have poured forth. Predictably, establishment authors writing for Time, The New Yorker, Daily Beast, Vox, New York Times, and so on, are […] Read More