Leftists Are Destroying Black Upward Mobility, Not Racism

The rioting and looting across the United States is universally condemned. The “peaceful protests,” on the other hand, are universally praised. But is this appropriate? Wouldn’t a broader and more balanced discussion be more constructive, rather than praise without reservations?

Obviously people have the right to peacefully protest injustice, and obviously incidents of murderous police brutality are more than sufficient justification for protests. But that’s as far as it goes. The scope of these protests is disproportionate to the offense, not because it isn’t hideously wrong, but because there are far worse challenges facing black Americans. The biggest challenge of all; leftists who indoctrinate blacks to think they are victims of racism.

Debunking this narrative of racism can start with the allegation that a disproportionate number of blacks are victims of police brutality, which itself is extremely rare.

To put this into context, there are over 800,000 sworn police officers in America, authorized to make arrests and use deadly force. Over 50 million Americans have at least one encounter with a police officer per year, usually for something minor such as a traffic stop. Police make over 10 million arrests each year. On average, just over 1,000 Americans each year are killed by police, but nearly all of them were armed. In confrontations with unarmed people over the past decade, only between 50 and 100 have been shot per year by police, about the same number as police who are killed in hostile encounters per […] Read More

The Delusional Premises of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

“Do we see largely that it’s the global south and communities of color that may be bearing the brunt of the initial havoc from climate change? – Without a doubt. – And in terms of that wealth, the people that are producing climate change, the folks that are responsible for the largest amount of emissions, or communities or corporations, they tend to be predominantly white, correct? – Yes, and every study backs that up.” – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Congressional Hearings on Climate and Race, October 2019

Welcome to yet another example of the nexus between climate change alarm and a socialist redistribution agenda that relies on fueling racial resentment. That may be old news to those of us paying attention, but thanks to birdbrained stooges like “AOC,” the blatant race baiting rhetoric is being turned up a notch.

And why not? If you’re a socialist, or a globalist, there is only upside to tagging nations of European heritage with guilt for the problems facing their “communities of color,” or the problems in the rest of the non-European world. It would be far too painful to consider the alternative explanation, which is that socialism, in all of its antecedents and derivatives, is the primary cause of the societal afflictions that plague “people of color” both in America and abroad.

Deconstructing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s convoluted logic isn’t intellectually hard, but the implications are hard indeed, at least for anyone who shares her delusional world view. Her arguments rest on three premises […] Read More

Racism in America Today

AUDIO: A discussion on the very sensitive issue of racism in America, and the Democratic party strategy that depends on portraying America as a racist nation – 8 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.


What is Racism?

The recent Democratic presidential primary debate in New Hampshire offered another glimpse into the core strategy of the Democratic party – increase the percentages of nonwhite voters by any means necessary, and convince all of them that Republicans are racists.

Every candidate was on board with the message. As Bernie Sanders thundered when it was his turn, “We have a racist society from top to bottom.” Elizabeth Warren sounded almost sinister when she called for “race-conscious laws in education, in employment, in entrepreneurship.” Billionaire Tom Steyer called for “reparations.”

Elsewhere in America, candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has apologized for his previous honesty about crime in New York City. All of these candidates agree: whites are racists, whites must be penitent, whites must make amends. They all have a plan.

Rather than highlight further examples of Democrats trying to outdo each other in trashing Americans as inveterate racists, much less exposing their hypocrisy, why not step back and examine the entire concept of racism. What is it? When is it truly deplorable, and when is it just a rhetorical bludgeon to attract naïve voters?

The reason racism is such a preoccupation for Democrats is so much because it still exists, but because by claiming it is a pervasive threat, they can manipulate voters. The following are common types of racism according to Democrats. Given the creativity of the racial justice warriors, this list is undoubtedly incomplete.

Unconscious Racism: Any negative behavior that is marketed as “unconscious” […] Read More