Biden’s Union Agenda Betrays American Workers

The consequences of Democrat control of Congress and the White House are just beginning to be felt, as one of the most disruptive pieces of legislation in American history quietly moves from the House of Representatives to the Senate, where only a successful filibuster may prevent its passage. The “Protect the Right to Organize,” or “PRO Act,” goes a long way towards completing America’s transition into a corporate oligarchy. Because it will also make the elite captains of Big Labor more powerful than ever, they don’t care.

The PRO Act, like the more visible H.R. 1, is an example of disastrous legislation that is packaged and labeled as advancing the interests of the American people, when in fact they are designed by special interests to destroy democracy and deny upward mobility. The overall theme is simple and tragic: in America, big labor, big business, and big government no longer engage in healthy conflict. Rather than checking and balancing each other, on the biggest issues they display a corrupt unity.

Here are some of the provisions of H.R. 842, the PRO Act:

1 – Eliminates the secret ballot in union elections, replacing it with “card check.” In this new system, employers would be compelled to give unions the personal information about their employees, including their phone numbers and home addresses. Union operatives could then approach these workers, repeatedly, attempting to get them to sign a card approving unionization. Once signed cards were collected from a majority of […] Read More