Why is Conservative Latino Media Virtually Nonexistent?

Television and cable network news is overwhelmingly biased in favor of the Democratic party, but at least viewers in search of balance can find options. Fox News will usually report both sides of the story, and One America News can be relied on for a consistent conservative perspective.

Similarly, online search and social media platforms do everything they possibly can – short of triggering federal intervention – to diminish the reach of conservative commentary and news with a conservative slant. But despite everything these companies are doing, there is nonetheless a robust assortment of YouTube channels and Twitter accounts where conservatives have built up massive followings.

There is one place, however, where there is no balance whatsoever, and that is within America’s Spanish language television. The two major Spanish TV networks are Telemundo and Univision, and they own the primetime Spanish-language audience in the U.S. Their news reporting and news commentary is consistently leftist. Viewers have no alternative.

One of the most prominent television journalists for Univision is Jorge Ramos, who attained wide coverage on all of America’s television networks during 2015, when he was temporarily ejected from a press conference held by then candidate Trump. Needless to say, Ramos didn’t like Trump in 2015, and he’s still mad.

A recent pair of tweets by Ramos, who has 3.6 million Twitter followers, exemplifies how Spanish speaking Americans are even more vulnerable to biased reporting. Because they can’t translate for themselves what […] Read More