The Electric Age is Coming to New York

Working its way through the New York state assembly right now is bill number 4302, which requires “that one hundred percent of in-state sales of new passenger cars and trucks shall be zero-emissions by two thousand thirty-five.” Sponsored by Democrat Steve Englebright, this law is New York’s answer to a nearly identical mandate stalking Californians via a recent executive order from their embattled Governor Newsom.

It would be easy enough to suggest these politicians are jumping onto a green bandwagon without fully understanding the consequences. But their actions are consistent with the goals of some of the most powerful companies on earth. With a market value of over $600 billion, newcomer and electric vehicle pioneer Tesla is now well established. High tech industry heavyweights including Apple and Sony are developing electric vehicles. Taiwan’s Foxcon is partnering with Fiat Chrysler to develop all electric vehicles, and China’s search engine giant Baidu is working with Volvo. And as for legacy automakers, General Motors, attempting to lead the way, has declared they will sell only electric vehicles by 2035.

If electric cars are the corporate choice, destined to be the only consumer option within barely more than 13 years, New York better get ready. This is especially the case if, as appears likely, America’s corporate giants have decided not only to precipitously usher in an all-electric age, but do so with only renewable energy. But are politicians right to follow the lead of these corporate […] Read More