Why America’s Elites Want to End the Middle Class

A recent essay by Victor Davis Hanson entitled “Radical New Rules for Post-America” lists “ten new ideas that are changing America, maybe permanently.” Hanson offers a thorough description of what’s wrong: Fiscal and monetary negligence, selective enforcement or nonenforcement of laws, anti-white racism, rights and privileges for immigrants over citizens, an infantilized culture, hypocrisy, urban chaos, censorship and cancel culture, politicized “science,” and “woke” as the new religion, with Big Tech as the clergy.

While there may not be a more cogent description of the new and radical rules Americans face these days, Hanson’s covering familiar territory. But why? It doesn’t require a conspiracy theorist to suggest these wholesale shifts in American culture are not happening by accident. It doesn’t even necessarily require nefarious intent, at least not among those people occupying the highest rungs of power and influence in America. What motivates the vast majority of the American elite, billionaires and corporate boards alike, to approve of these radical changes?

One answer boils down to this: They believe the lifestyle of the American middle-class is not sustainable, because the planet does not have the carrying capacity to extend an American level of consumption to everyone in the world. By dividing and confusing the American people, while wielding the moral bludgeons of saving the planet and eliminating racism, policies can be implemented that will break the American middle class.

In the name of saving the planet, for example, new suburbs will become almost impossible to construct. Single family detached […] Read More