Leftists Are Destroying Black Upward Mobility, Not Racism

The rioting and looting across the United States is universally condemned. The “peaceful protests,” on the other hand, are universally praised. But is this appropriate? Wouldn’t a broader and more balanced discussion be more constructive, rather than praise without reservations?

Obviously people have the right to peacefully protest injustice, and obviously incidents of murderous police brutality are more than sufficient justification for protests. But that’s as far as it goes. The scope of these protests is disproportionate to the offense, not because it isn’t hideously wrong, but because there are far worse challenges facing black Americans. The biggest challenge of all; leftists who indoctrinate blacks to think they are victims of racism.

Debunking this narrative of racism can start with the allegation that a disproportionate number of blacks are victims of police brutality, which itself is extremely rare.

To put this into context, there are over 800,000 sworn police officers in America, authorized to make arrests and use deadly force. Over 50 million Americans have at least one encounter with a police officer per year, usually for something minor such as a traffic stop. Police make over 10 million arrests each year. On average, just over 1,000 Americans each year are killed by police, but nearly all of them were armed. In confrontations with unarmed people over the past decade, only between 50 and 100 have been shot per year by police, about the same number as police who are killed in hostile encounters per […] Read More