The Latinx of the Iceberg

Until I attempted to use the word Latinx in conversation, I was unaware of its pronunciation. Apparently it is not “Lah-teenx,” but “Latin-ex.” Oops. That was a faux pas.

My mistake was to even try to use this made up word. If “people of color” still sounds a bit contrived, “Latin-ex” is wholly contrived. And while “people of color” at least has the virtue of being the only awkward phrase people could come up with that was both adequately descriptive and sufficiently inoffensive, there is no justification whatsoever for adopting the word “Latin-ex.” It is being pushed on Latinos by Anglo Democrats.

At last count, less than 3 percent of Latinos have any interest in using the word Latinx. Most of them are public school instructors in California. For most Latinos, this word is recognized for what it really is – cultural imperialism by leftwing Whites with a savior complex who think they’re entitled to decide what everyone is supposed to think, how they’re supposed to talk, what they’re permitted to talk about, and which nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, etc. are permissible, and which are forbidden.

The type of person who invents a word like Latinx – leftist activists and academics and compliant bureaucrats – is the same type of person who comes up with words like “accompliceship,” “androcentric,” “cischeteropatriarchy,” “conscientization,” “herstory,” “hxrstory,” “hybridities,” “womanism,” “xdisciplinary,” and mucho, mucho mas.

Normal people, oops, that is an “othering” term, see this for what it is: gibberish. But the leftist […] Read More