Nonpartisan Healthcare Legislation

This phrase, “nonpartisan healthcare legislation,” is an oxymoron, unfortunately, but let’s try. And in the interests of full disclosure, my preference is to see private institutions continue to bear the primary responsibility for providing healthcare in America. So rather than moving healthcare into government-run programs, the primary goal of healthcare legislation should be to rewrite the regulations that govern healthcare. The marketplace can deliver healthcare more efficiently than the government, providing more quality healthcare to more people for less money – but to do this in an equitable manner, good regulations are essential. An earlier post, “Healthcare in America” listed some of these ideas – this post is to elaborate on those and add a few ideas that aren’t getting the discussion they deserve:

(1) Allow individuals the same tax deductions for their health insurance premium payments as businesses receive. No special breaks or special fees, no ceilings or floors on eligibility for the deduction, nothing. Whatever an individual or an employer spends for healthcare is deductible, and whatever healthcare benefits an individual receives are not taxable.

(2) Make it easier for associations and organizations to offer group health insurance plans, instead of only favoring companies who may or may not provide an individual a job for life. This is the only realistic way individuals who have the financial means to purchase quality healthcare, but don’t work for a company that has a group plan, to ensure their health insurance won’t be canceled if they get […] Read More