Fiat Dollars to Finance Feudalism

People throw political labels around a lot these days, to the point where they lose their meaning and impact. We’re trying to understand where we are headed as a society, but we get lost in the ideology labyrinth. And while we throw the labels around, some of us with certainty and others with caveats and nuance, reality marches on. And the reality is grim. We are being turned into livestock by oligarchs who share the perception that ordinary people are on the verge of becoming completely useless to them.

Who needs manufacturing workers when factories are within a decade or two of achieving complete machine autonomy? Who needs caregivers when robotics are within a decade or two of delivering androids that are smarter and better looking? Who needs universal healthcare that’s within a few decades of significantly extending the human lifespan, when all these billions of ordinary humans will do with their extra 50 years is eat, shit, and play games? Who needs billions of humans when their consumptive appetites are a pestilence on a brilliant blue planet?

What do you do, if you’re a multi-billionaire, and all of your multi-billionaire friends agree: It’s easier and better for us if we herd these useless billions into megacities, take away their jobs, give them a universal basic income, and cram them into subsidized apartments. We’ll immerse them in online fantasies, algorithmically calibrated to dopamine them into quiescence.

It’s a scary vision. No life extension for the masses. No jobs. No incentives. […] Read More