None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Does anyone still believe what they read in the New York Times or watch on any major television network news broadcast? Because for millions of Americans, their credibility is at an all time low. The internet hive mind, even in the face of blatant censorship by search and social media monopolies, simply offers too many verifiable, alternative facts for establishment media to get away with lying, but they still do. Exposed, discredited, they keep on lying, relying on an exhausted populace to simply not bother to fact check every single thing they report.

Writing for the American Conservative, Arthur Bloom recently published a critique of American media with the not-so-subtle title “They Really Are Lying to You.” His opening sentence: “The most effective kind of propaganda is by omission.”

Bloom’s probably right, especially when one considers how much mainstream reportage was obsessed, for years, on what ultimately were non-stories – think “Russian collusion,” “Ukrainian impeachment,” or overblown stories, think “8 million COVID deaths in the U.S. by this time next year,” and now, “the nation reeling under an epidemic of systemic racism” that suddenly, so very suddenly, has been an urgent crisis for, well, forever.

What will be next week’s crisis of the century? And what is really going on behind these blinding lunges from one overwhelming and orchestrated media fixation to the next? What events of greater consequence are being obscured, ignored, omitted?

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