Social Conservative, Fiscal Liberal

Much has been made of Kaitlin Jenner’s entry into the California gubernatorial free-for-all. Much of the political buzz about Jenner, notwithstanding her celebrity status, is that she is “socially liberal, fiscally conservative.”

This is supposed to be a magic formula that can transform politics. In places like California, a firm hand is needed on the financial tiller of this high-tax, spendthrift state, yet on social issues the successful politician must be equally uncompromising, i.e., anything goes.

It’s nothing new. Way back in 1980, the politically moderate congressman John Anderson defected from his Republican party to run against Ronald Reagan and incumbent Jimmy Carter in the presidential election. Anderson was also known as a “fiscal conservative and social liberal,” although it may have been a little easier to define those terms back in those days when we only had two sexes and the national debt to GDP ratio was only 32 percent.

So what is a fiscal conservative and a social liberal? Perhaps the socially liberal part of it is somewhat easier to imagine. In California, to be a social liberal is to accept a Byzantine and constantly evolving set of rules that include the following: Men can have periods and women can have penises, but all white people are immutably white and hence suffer from privilege, fragility, and unconscious bias. To continue, the social liberal believes that heroin or methamphetamine addiction is a legitimate lifestyle, and theft is typically not […] Read More