Newsom Allies Want to Dox Recall Petition Signers

During state senate hearings on April 12th, State Senator Josh Newman approached Orrin Heatlie, lead proponent of the Gavin Newsom recall campaign. Heatlie was in attendance to testify against SB 663, sponsored by Senator Newman.

SB 663 will “provide a mechanism for the target of a recall petition to communicate with constituents who may have signed that petition,” and “provide a meaningful opportunity for voters who may have signed a recall petition to withdraw their signatures.”

According to Heatlie, Newman came into the gallery to shake Heatlie’s hand and assure him that because there wasn’t an urgency attached to SB 663, it would not affect the signatures that Heatlie and allied committees have recently submitted to recall the governor.

Newman, having inexplicably clawed his way back into office after being himself recalled by voters in 2018, wants to make sure nobody else has to suffer such indignities. Heatlie, whose principled and steadfast leadership has given birth to a grassroots movement of extraordinary power and potential, was not impressed by Newman’s gesture.

Reached for comment earlier this week, Heatlie acknowledged that the primary threat of SB 663 is to future recall attempts, where, to express its primary provisions in plain English, anyone who signs a recall petition will have their name and address publicly accessible, and will be subject to a “meaningful opportunity” to think better of their decision and withdraw their signature.

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