COVID-19 Did NOT “Cure Pneumonia”

When it comes to memes, “COVID-19 Cured Pneumonia” is a good one. Its obvious implausibility immediately directs the reader to consider the underlying allegation, which is that pneumonia deaths are being deliberately understated in order for the CDC to reclassify them as COVD-19 deaths, thus fanning public panic.

When there’s a meme, there’s an image, and to support the phrase “COVID-19 Cured Pneumonia,” there is a graphic representation of CDC data that appears to show a precipitous drop in pneumonia cases at precisely the time when COVID-19 cases were precipitously rising.

Depicted below is the graph behind the assertion that “COVID-19 Cured Pneumonia.” On the surface, it’s awfully convincing. It references an official government source – – and the data on the downloadable Excel spreadsheet is faithfully rendered in the graph. And wow, compared to the previous six years, this year far fewer people are dying from pneumonia.

The problem with this graph, and the accompanying meme, is that, as the CDC discloses on their Daily Updates of Totals by Week and State, “it can take several weeks for death records to be submitted to National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), processed, coded, and tabulated.” The first chart used data as reported to the CDC through March 25. The next chart, below, uses data gathered for an additional three months, through June 24. The differences are striking.

As can be seen, what appears to have happened around week 10 of 2020, in mid-March, […] Read More

China, Climate Change, Unions

AUDIO – In-depth discussion on the topics of China, climate change as it relates to energy policies and how that’s connected to population growth, with a bit of time left over to explain the difference between public and private sector unions. An always challenging one hour on the Andrew Schatkin Show.

The Opportunity of the Emergency

How the global COVID-19 pandemic began is incidental to how it has instantly transformed the entire political landscape of the planet. And whether this pandemic was planned or accidental in no way changes the manner in which it suits the agenda of two mega-adversaries. One searing example from history offers dramatic evidence of how these sorts of arrangements work.

In the summer of 1944, Nazi Germany was down but not out. In Eastern Europe, Russian forces were massed on the banks of the Vistula, prepared to liberate Warsaw. In anticipation of promised aid from the Russians, the Polish resistance struck hard against the German occupation forces. But the Russians stayed on the other side of the river as the battle raged. For over two months they went toe-to-toe with the Germans, as the Russians did nothing to prevent the Germans from reinforcing their troops and liquidating the rebels. Only once the Polish resistance was crushed did the Germans withdraw, and the Russians moved in.

In this case, the mega-adversaries were German Nazis, fighting a war of mutual annihilation against Russian communists. But neither of them were willing to allow a democratic government to take control of post-war Poland.

The mega-adversaries today have different labels and employ different tactics, but the same basic dynamic applies. On one side there are ruling elites, and on the other side there are populist insurgencies. The elites rule a pair of superpowers, the USA and its Western allies versus China, that are locked in […] Read More

Carbon Fundamentalists and War With China

Throughout America and Europe, there are now fanatical millions who believe CO2 emissions are an existential crisis of planetary proportions. This terrifies them. What is frightening to the rest of us is how easily they are manipulated.

Witness the ease with which opportunists direct the passions of this mob. Examples are endless and span the political spectrum, from corporate and financial special interests reaping obscene profits via mandated “green” products and “carbon emissions trading markets,” to stone cold communists riding through the gates of Western Democracies inside the Trojan Horse of environmentalism.

Could climate fanatics be motivated to support World War Three in the name of saving the planet? Why not? Wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to stop the people who are causing the end of the world? These climate crusaders already consider people who question the “climate emergency” to be “deniers,” and tens of thousands of them are already militants, willing to move beyond rhetoric. Meanwhile, filthy rich establishment grandees (example: Al Gore) nod and wink, and cash in on the madness.

The origins of “carbon fundamentalism” can be traced back to the end of the Cold War. In 1995, writing for International Affairs, Deepak Lai may have been the first to coin the term “Eco-fundamentalism.” Lai characterizes this “secular religious movement” as attempting to “impose constraints upon non-Western countries’ economic development in the name of environmental protection,” and claims this could eventually lead to a bloody conflict between the West and the rest of the world’s […] Read More

The South China Sea of the Moon

If you want to control maritime traffic between the most populous nations on earth, you have to control the South China Sea. Over one-third of all global shipping passes through the South China Sea, transporting raw materials, fuel, and manufactured goods to and from the great economies of Asia, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. The South China Sea is also resource rich, with abundant fisheries and vast reserves of oil and gas waiting to be tapped beneath its shallow waters.

On the surface of the New World of the 21st century, the Eighth Continent, otherwise known as the Moon, there is another area of even greater strategic significance than the South China Sea – the water-rich polar regions of the moon. Controlling this portion of the Lunar surface could be a prerequisite to more quickly establishing a permanent presence in space. Confirmed less than a year ago, these water resources are frozen in the shadows of the craters, especially around the lunar south pole.

Much has been made of the potential for humans to colonize Mars. With abundant water, a thin atmosphere, a 25 hour day, and mineral resources, it certainly is feasible to eventually colonize Mars. But in our enthusiasm to launch a Mars mission, we risk overlooking the strategic imperative to establish bases that can access water resources on the moon. Here are benefits of such a moon base:

Only four days from Earth vs a minimum of 90 days to […] Read More

How America Will Stop China’s Long March to Rule Earth and Space

Over the past two weeks the streets of Hong Kong have been racked with protests on a scale rarely seen. By some accounts, over two million people participated, over a quarter of Hong Kong’s population of seven million.

The cause of the massive unrest was a proposed law that would allow accused criminals to be extradited to China. Protesters knew what that meant. Anyone in Hong Kong who was critical of the Chinese regime would end up in Chinese prison camps, instead of having a chance at what remains of due process within Hong Kong.

On the surface, China’s response to the protests in Hong Kong has been mild. This should come as no surprise. The regime knows that sending in the tanks, the way they did after losing patience with the occupiers of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989 will not work in Hong Kong. Over 150 years of British rule over Hong Kong gave the residents a familiarity with democracy and respect for individual rights, and an intolerance for tyranny. When Hong Kong was turned back over to China in 1997, the expectation was that these rights would be preserved under the concept of “one nation, two systems.” But as ever, the Chinese are playing the long game.

The Chinese regime has operatives embedded in Hong Kong’s police and security services. They have control over local gangsters. They have installed pervasive surveillance technology. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, is a puppet of the Chinese […] Read More