When Will A Prominent Black Athlete Stand Up to the Mob?

The recent expressions of support for Black Lives Matter by professional athletes can be understood as a legitimate reaction to tragic episodes of injustice that occur in the United States. But everything beyond that noble sentiment is flawed.”Systemic racism,” to the extent it even exists, explains very little of black underachievement, and the Black Lives Matter organization offers absolutely nothing that will help the black community.

The reality for at least the last forty years in America is that Blacks are beneficiaries of programs – college admissions preferences, incentives for minority-owned businesses, quotas towards achieving proportional representation in corporate hiring and promotions, and subsidized housing, to name a few – designed to uplift them. These programs have been administered at a cost that by now probably amounts to trillions of dollars. If Black activists and the politicians who pander to them for votes truly think “reparations” are justified, reparations have already been tried and are ongoing. They’re not working. They may have actually done more harm than good.

Most every citation of “systemic racism” either references things that were ended several decades ago, or they are based on flawed statistical analysis. To the first point, slavery was eliminated in 1863. Segregation was abolished in 1965. Redlining was outlawed in 1968. And as noted, starting in the 1960s, incalculable sums have been spent on systemic benefits and preferences designed to help America’s Blacks. So much for institutionalized racism persisting in America. If anything, it’s the opposite, institutionalized anti-racism.

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