Schwarzenegger’s Videos Should Offer Hope, Not Polarization

In his life so far, Arnold Schwarzenegger has logged an extraordinary, eclectic mix of accomplishments. Most notably, he is a former Governor of California, a movie star, and five time winner of the Mr. Universe title. If it weren’t for his status as an immigrant, which by law prohibits him from running, there’s a good chance that by now he could have been elected U.S. president.

Schwarzenegger’s greatest political strength, apart from being a likable, accomplished man, is that he is a political centrist. This has earned him the enmity, some of it deserved, of conservative populists, but that is the price of trying to be part of a moderate centrist coalition. But Arnold Schwarzenegger recently made a huge mistake.

On January 10, Schwarzenegger released a video entitled “My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world.” In this seven minute video, Schwarzenegger discusses his upbringing in post-war Austria and explains how in that time and place, events leading up to World War II were fresh in everyone’s memories.

In particular, Schwarzenegger brings up one of the pivotal moments in the Nazi regime’s transition to absolute tyranny in Germany, the “Kristallnacht” which took place in November 1938. Although the Nazis had already been in power since 1933, the events on Kristallnacht (rough translation is “night of broken glass”) served notice to any Germans still wondering: They were no longer free. To Germany’s Jews, whose homes and businesses were specifically targeted, the message was much worse: You […] Read More