Antifa’s Identitarian Ideology

While the “Antifa” movement may defy easy characterization, one of its most animating goals is to oppose right-wing racism allegedly practiced or condoned by millions of “white nationalists.” They rightly condemn any such endorsements of so-called identitarian concepts. But who are the real identitarians? And to which movement is identitarianism both the centerpiece of their rhetoric, and a smokescreen to hide their true agenda? A look at online material promoting an upcoming Antifa type action offers clues.

According to a recent tweet by embattled journalist Andy Ngo, “Antifa is leading a ‘Border Resistance’ militancy training that will converge on a 10 day siege in El Paso, Texas.” The website Ngo references is, with the tag line “Call to Action in El Paso September 1-10.” The homepage displays a graphic poster headlined with the words “CALL TO ACTION,” followed by the somewhat nebulous phrase “Border Resistance Convergence.”

Nowhere on this website are the words “Antifa,” or, for that matter, anything that might be remotely construed as synonymous with the violence that anyone paying attention would know accompanies Antifa protests, whether they’re in Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville, or countless other places. But the “Border Resistance” website does contain language offering insight into the ideology of these organizations, whether they are directly backed by Antifa or part of the collection of local and regional groups that align themselves with Antifa. It is an ideology that is as steeped in identitarian divisiveness as it is riddled […] Read More

The “Packed White Nationalist” Rally That Wasn’t

It’s no secret that the mainstream media is biased to the left. A 2018 survey conducted by researchers at Arizona State found that only 4.4 percent of journalists consider themselves “right-of-center.” A similar 2014 study found that only 7.1 percent of journalists were registered Republicans. Examples of this bias are relentless, from two years of hyping an investigation into “collusion” between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia that came up empty, to slanderous attacks on the Covington Catholic High School students.

It isn’t just obviously distorted coverage of current events that taints American journalism, it’s the way they continue to mischaracterize past events, knowing they can get away with it. “Trump defended neo-Nazis in Charlottesville.” No, he did not. “Trump mocked a disabled reporter.” No, he did not. Yet the anti-Trump “journalists” routinely repeat these lies and others, using them to reinforce the negative context of whatever it is they’re currently reporting about Trump.

One of the most shameless propagandists against President Trump in particular, and conservatives in general, is “ABC Nightly News” anchor David Muir. If he weren’t such a partisan hack, one might feel sorry for him.

Every afternoon at 5:30 p.m., Muir begins his broadcast by uttering the same phrases as if he’s saying them for the first time: “Welcome on a very busy Monday, there are several developing stories as we come on the air.”

Managing to look both solemn and dashing at the same time, Muir paces through the […] Read More