California Poised to Lower Voting Age to 17

Expect 17 year olds to be voting in California’s 2020 election. A new bill, ACA 8, just introduced by Assemblyman Evan Low, will amend the state constitution to lower the voting age from 18 to 17. Having kids vote is ridiculous, but in California these days, ridiculous is the new normal. And it’s easy enough to understand what’s really behind this: California’s youth tend to vote for Democrats, so lowering the voting age means more Democrats get elected. The youth vote made the difference in several close races in California last November.

For example, in Orange County, 45th Congressional District incumbent Republican Mimi Walters was upset by 12,523 votes. Nearly half of that margin of victory came from just six precincts in and around UC Irvine, where Democratic challenger Katie Porter received 93 percent of all votes cast, 5,300 votes more than Walters received.

It should come as no surprise that college students favor Democrats. For a taste of what they’re perpetually exposed to, have a look at this “electionlawblog,” authored by a UC Irvine professor, “generously supported by” the UCI School of Law. Amid post after post with anti-Trump, anti-GOP headlines, you’ll scroll long and hard to find content critical of Democrats.

Back in August, 2018, the Sacramento Bee ran a story entitled “Billionaire, unions have a plan to tip California’s closest congressional races.” That title says it all. Billionaire donors in California – Tom Steyer in this case – don’t just give […] Read More