The Conspiracy of Cowardice

One may search for the answer to the Republican riddle across America – how to attract all those suddenly disaffected independents and moderate Democrats. After all, the political pendulum only seems to be impelled by repellent forces, never by attractive ones. And what might attract anyone to the Republicans, simply because the Democrats have become repellent?

Closer to home, in lovely California, a state so beautiful that even native sons who ought to know better can’t seem to leave, the Republican failure is easy to grasp. Republicans, nationally and in California, never fought more than half the war – they did, at the least, a defensible job fighting taxes, but never effectively fought spending. The result is deficits – and borrowing is spending, as underwater homeowners along with bankrupt municipal governments are painfully discovering.

A tragic example of just how far from leadership, legitimate populism, or genuine convictions the conservative leadership in California has sunk is the plight of the public sector union reform initiative that still needs signatures to qualify for California’s November 2010 ballot.

There is not one conservative political insider who doesn’t believe the “Voluntary Political Contribution Initiative” is a long overdue reform to California’s political system. Nobody. This initiative will dramatically curtail the ability of California’s public sector unions to use member dues to engage in political activity. Currently California’s public sector unions collect nearly 1.0 billion dollars per year in member dues, and they use a significant percentage of these […] Read More