Mayor Garcetti’s Homeless Policy is Destroying Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is arguably the most incompetent, destructive, negligent, no good, irresponsible mayor in American history. And he’s got plenty of competition, especially now. San Francisco’s London Breed, Ted Wheeler in Portland, Bill DeBlasio in New York City. Blue City mayors bent on destroying civilization are plentiful, but Eric Garcetti is the worst member of this odious gang.

It isn’t as if Garcetti doesn’t have partners in the ongoing annihilation of urban civilization in what ought to be America’s magnificent megacity on the Pacific Rim. He’s got a city council that is equally corrupt and delusional, and a newly elected Los Angeles County District Attorney, George Gascon, who is one of the most dangerous, pompous imbeciles to ever live. But Garcetti is in the bully pulpit. Garcetti sets the tone. Garcetti could make a positive difference if he had the vision and the guts. The buck stops with Garcetti.

Garcetti attracted well deserved outrage when he not only arbitrarily enforced “lockdown” orders throughout most of 2020, but went a step further and posted a page online – still up – where people can turn in anyone they think is violating the “Safer at Home” order. Then, just in case anyone hadn’t yet realized what a sinister authoritarian they had as mayor, Garcetti set up a bounty to encourage people to turn in their neighbors, and announced to the press that “snitches get rewards.”

The arbitrary enforcement of pandemic restrictions make Garcetti’s snitch hotline particularly […] Read More