Recall Newsom “Petitions” on are NOT Valid

There is only one petition currently circulating that, when signed by a registered voter, can be turned in to recall Governor Newsom. But you wouldn’t know that if you searched online.

Orrin Heatlie, the lead proponent of the latest recall effort, has disclosed that his volunteer signature gatherers are getting a curious response from otherwise supportive voters they encounter. Literally thousands of people are saying they have “already signed the online petition” to recall Governor Newsom. But the petitions they’re referring to, on the website “,” are not valid recall petitions.

The reason for this is simple: The only way any recall petition in the State of California can be valid is if (1) it is a petition that has been officially recognized by the California Secretary of State, and (2) if it is printed on paper and signed in ink. While it is possible to download and print a legitimate petition for signature, it is NOT possible to sign any official petition online. They are not valid.

This hasn’t stopped people from setting up online accounts on under the key words “Recall Newsom.” A search on the website showed that one account set up to gather recall Newsom petitions has gotten over 364,000 supporters, another has over 56,000, and another has 29,000. Several additional accounts on are promoting Recall Newsom petitions with hundreds or thousands of supporters. These accounts are also collecting donations.

When asked about these misleading accounts, Heatlie said “these are […] Read More