Public Sector Unions Continue Their Attack on Property Rights in California

California’s legislature is controlled by Democratic super-majorities in both houses. These Democrat politicians, in turn, are controlled by public sector unions. They are now considering Assembly Bill 828, which will empower courts to summarily reduce rents by up to 25 percent and create additional barriers to the eviction process.

Passage of this law would be a disaster. It’s not just a blatant usurpation of property rights. It also adds a hefty shove to an economy already teetering on the brink of an epic deflationary spiral.

But supporters have the votes to pass this measure, and Gov. Newsom is likely to sign it into law. This is happening in a state where the pandemic emergency has already induced the legislature to ban evictions, and already had capped rental rate hikes. In California today, there is no longer any legal incentive for renters to pay rent, whether or not they are impacted by the current state of emergency. But landlords get no similar relief from property taxes or mortgage obligations.

A look at who funds these Democratic politicians yields unambiguous results. The money trail works like this: California’s citizens pay taxes, which fund state and local government payroll departments, from which, paycheck after paycheck, money automatically pours into the coffers of public sector unions. These unions use that money to buy the allegiance of politicians via campaign contributions.

The three primary sponsors of AB 828 are assemblymembers Phil Ting (D, San Francisco), Ash Kalra (D, […] Read More