The Progressive Destruction of Venice Beach

Make no mistake about it, behind the lawless mentality that has informed rampages across this nation over the past week, there are progressive roots. Because these riots aren’t about what remains of racism in America, or nurtured by pugnacious tweets from President Trump. Instead the root cause of the anarchy we are seeing are decades of progressive indoctrination which has corrupted a generation.

The destruction of the Venice Beach community in Los Angeles typifies how the progressive agenda has evolved from trying to save the disadvantaged to trying to destroy those who are not disadvantaged. In the process, the progressive movement has been taken over by plutocrats and tyrants, finding personal advantage in the corrupt parody of what was once an ennobling ideology.

In just a few years, progressive power, abetted by big money and co-opted bureaucrats, has turned Venice Beach from a bohemian gem into a lawless hellhole. The streets are overran with drug addicts, drunks, sexual predators, petty (and not so petty) criminals, and psychotics.

Worst of all, Venice Beach is also overran with otherwise normal youth who have made a rational choice to go on a perpetual rampage because there is no accountability, no expectations, no law and order, and, wherever possible, the government provides them free food and shelter. While the citizens endure a COVID lockdown, the “unhoused” of Venice Beach continue to go anywhere they like, anytime they want. It’s gotten so bad that even when the lockdown eventually ends, these residents will remain besieged […] Read More