The Triggering Tongue of the Conquistador

The first debate, in two installments, of the Democratic candidates for president has come and gone. On night one, a memorable takeaway was the prolific use of Spanish by three of the candidates, along with one of the moderators. Entire minutes passed without a word of English being heard. No, the tongue of the Conquistador filled the air.

Talk about feeling unsafe! Talk about being “triggered”! America’s Democratic Left fumes endlessly about European crimes against the benevolent “others,” the invariably peaceful, harmonious peoples of the world, then their presidential candidates impose the language of the European Conquistador upon our passive populace.

Yeah, that’s right. Spanish speakers don’t get a pass. Latin America’s heritage is as soaked in blood as anything that ever happened in El Norte. Not only the rapacious slaughter imposed upon those indigenous “first peoples” by the Spaniards. No, the indigenous Americans (or is it the “Aztlanx”?) also have to answer for the slaughter and slavery and endless warfare that defined life in this hemisphere prior to the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. The genocidal wars of the Aztecs, the human sacrifices of the Mayans.

The truth may hurt, but it will also set you free. Look backward through antiquity and all the world was the same—life was nasty, brutish, and short.

None of that stopped “Beto” O’Rourke from launching his opening statement in Spanish. There’s a way to differentiate yourself if you’re not a member of some “protected status group.” Good job, Beto. Not to be outdone, […] Read More