Overcoming the Compelling Logic of Nihilism

Thou shalt not kill. – Exodus 20:13

We now live in the era of the nonessential. If we are not deemed essential workers, or deemed to be engaging in essential travel, we are under house arrest. While this condition stimulates vigorous discussion as to what sort of nation we’ve become, and reminds us how tenuous our individual freedoms really are, it may also stimulate an even deeper and more unsettling question.

How does it benefit the ecological health of planet earth, or further the dreams of a global elite, to have several billion human beings performing jobs whose value is eclipsed by the overhead required to sustain their superfluous lives? Who cares if they live, voraciously consuming dwindling resources while offering nothing to further the collective aspirations of the ruling class?

The current pandemic puts this nihilistic reasoning into compelling clarity. If so much of the world’s population is “non-essential,” why should they exist? Why should their burgeoning numbers and rising expectations be tolerated any longer? Let them die.

If there were no other reason to nurture the life affirming values of Christianity then to counter the arguments of nihilists, this would be enough. Turning to other cultures for similar affirmations, one may hope, as the Dalai Lama famously put it, “the purpose of religion is not to build beautiful churches or temples, but to cultivate positive human qualities such as tolerance, generosity and hope.”

Now more than ever, those values must surface. Because a coldly rational appraisal of […] Read More