NeverTrump Could Cost GOP House and Senate

Trump’s chances for reelection have never been higher. The latest Gallup poll puts his approval rating at 49 percent, other polls have measured even higher, and he just gave the speech of his life in his third annual State of the Union address. But watch out. Without GOP control of the Senate in 2020, much less recovering control of the House of Representatives, the impact of a second Trump presidency will be profoundly diminished.

It’s bad enough that left-wing billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Donald Sussman, James Simons, George Soros, Stephen Schwarzman, Fred Eychaner, Karla Jurvetson, and Jeff Bezos have contributed hundreds of millions almost exclusively to Democrats over the past few years. For example, in 2018 these Democratic mega-moguls constituted nine of the top twelve individual political contributors to federal elections.

Funny how the American media and most citizens still believe that the GOP is the party of the rich. And then there are the unions, who routinely spend in favor of Democrats at a ratio of roughly ten-to-one. Public sector unions, using money flowing directly from taxpayers into the treasuries of Democratic campaigns, are the worst offenders of all.

Unwinding who gives to whom is a tedious process, but if anyone doubts that the big money is favoring Democrats, consider the words of GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in reference to the 2020 congressional races, “They are kicking our ass,” he said, referring to Democrats.

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