Californians Exempt from the Consequences of Liberalism

When trying to understand why Californians continue to elect liberals, several explanations routinely surface. Chief among them is the theory that conservatives forever alienated California’s diverse electorate by championing “discriminatory” policies.

The early example of this was Prop. 187, passed in 1994, which banned providing government services to illegal aliens. Most of Prop. 187 was overturned in court. Claiming it should serve “as a warning to immigrant bashers,” the Left is now well into their third decade of using it to bash conservatives in California.

The other, more recent example of a discriminatory policy promoted by California conservatives – and also used ever since to taint them – was Prop. 8, passed in 2008, which banned gay marriage, and which also was overturned a few years later by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Whether you support these social issues or oppose them – and conservatives are by no means monolithic in their positions on either of them, not now, nor at the time – they have come to dominate the political conversation in California. Racism. Sexism. The war on women. Gay bashing. Immigrant bashing. “Transphobia.” Conservatives, go away. California is no home for you.

Along with social issues, the California’s liberal elites also claim a popular mandate on the issue of “climate change.” No public education system in America is more geared towards terrifying the next generation on this topic. When it comes to displays of unanimity, obsession, and panic over climate change, no media region […] Read More