Koch Proxies Threaten to Destroy Conservative Populism

A recent guest column in the Dallas News offers new evidence that Conservatism Inc. is bent on destroying conservative populism. As well it helps confirm the primary streams of money in American politics: Trillions flow to progressives, billions flow to libertarians, and millions – on a good day – flow into the conservative populist movement.

The column is entitled “By supporting Trumpism, the GOP is in danger of losing libertarian support,” with the subtitle adding that “Many libertarians split from the party to vote for Biden.” The authors of this column are Daniel Smith, an Associate Professor of Economics at Middle Tennessee State University and director of the Political Economy Research Institute, and Alexander Salter, an associate professor of economics at Texas Tech University and a research fellow at Texas Tech’s Free Market Institute. But these two professors are not some random intellectuals. They are part of a billion dollar machine, built to produce paid for ideas.

As disclosed on its own website, the Political Economy Research Institute was established with initial seed money from the Charles Koch Foundation. Per a 2016 investigation by the Texas Observer, the Free Market Institute is “largely bankrolled by the Koch network and other conservative interests and individuals.”

To be clear: This column is not an analysis. It is a threat. Not because Libertarians will ever become a viable political party, but because Conservative Inc., backed by libertarian billionaires, has decided that Democrats are preferable to “Trumpist” […] Read More