Fighting Union Power

If you have concluded, like I have, that 21st century labor unions in America nearly always create more harm than good, and if you have concluded, like I have, that the fight against union power is increasingly tilted in favor of the unions, it is easy to become overwhelmed. After all, the primary focus of CIV FI is to explore ways to restore financial sustainability to public institutions, and more generally, to our economic life in the wake of the debt bubble. Why is more and more of our content focused on the rise of unions?

It isn’t as though unions never had a place in our national dialogue, or a role in the fight to implement humane work rules, workplace safety, and better wages. But even as many of my liberal friends often proclaim, the role once relegated to unions now belongs under the government – and the role of government in this regard should be to create uniform basic minimums that employers must adhere to, not become unionized itself, and create laws and regulations that favor unionized employees to the detriment of everyone else.

There are so many facets to the abuse, corruption, wealth-destruction, economic decline, loss of freedoms, undermining of democracy, extortion and outright theft that comes with unions today, that volumes could be written about the problem. Public sector unions have hijacked our public employee workforces, taken away their incentives to excel, bribed them with over-market wages and ridiculously over-market benefits, introduced massive inefficiencies to government […] Read More