The Delightfully Inclusive Media Version of America’s “Far Right”

A recent post on Twitter by comedian Lou Perez suggests a hilariously subversive mind at work. In a retweet, he presents a chart that purports to quantify the height/income trade-offs that govern the attractiveness of the human male to the human female. Apparently, as Perez puts it in his summary tweet, “A man who is 5 feet 6 inches tall needs to earn an additional $175,000 per year to be as desirable as a man who is about 6 feet tall.”

Everything about this screams foul to the woke and sensitive crowd, starting with the presumption of a gender binary. The presumption of the male income being a predominant variable, rather than the female income. The inferred acceptance of the gender pay gap. The unconscious and toxic bias in favor of exclusionary heterosexual attraction. In terms of milking this for hilarity, Titania McGrath, who specializes in politically incorrect gender humor, could give Perez a run for the money.

And like McGrath, Perez has stepped on the toes of the woke many times. So many times, in fact, that he recently published a guest column in the Wall Street Journal entitled “How I Became a Far Right Radical.” Unlike the study correlating male attractiveness to male earnings, which was a serious but humorous bit of scholarship coming from the University of Chicago back in 2006, when scholars had more latitude than they do today, Perez has been tagged in a more recent, equally serious but […] Read More