Democratic Corruption, Not Racism, Ruined Baltimore

President Trump is absolutely right to suggest Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) spend more time in his home district, which includes most of the City of Baltimore. What credibility can Cummings have as chairman of a congressional oversight committee when his own city, Baltimore, is corrupt, crime riddled, and a testament to failed Democratic governance and failed oversight?

Where was Elijah Cummings, during his 23 years (so far) as a congressman, as Baltimore became one of the most dangerous cities in America? And rather than launching a twitterstorm of comments (mostly retweets, actually) accusing President Trump of racism, why doesn’t Cummings admit that Democratic politicians have failed Baltimore?

Even the mainstream press agrees with the president: Only four months ago, the liberal New York Times ran an in-depth feature entitled “The Tragedy of Baltimore.” Among the facts cited in the article was this gem:

“In 2017, it [Baltimore] recorded 342 murders — its highest per-capita rate ever, more than double Chicago’s, far higher than any other city of 500,000 or more residents and, astonishingly, a larger absolute number of killings than in New York, a city 14 times as populous.”

One may wonder if the editors of what is arguably the most reputable liberal news source on the planet are regretting their decision to publish an article that confirms President Trump’s recent characterization of Baltimore.

Where the New York Times documents out-of-control crime in Baltimore, the liberal documents corruption, as does mainstream Bethesda Magazine.

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