California 2010 Ballot Propositions

Having received at least two dozen “voter guides” from “associations” representing public sector employees, and perhaps 2 or 3 from taxpayer groups – on much cheaper paper, much smaller formats, much lower weight – it seems like it would be useful to make a quick run-through of some of the critical voter initiatives on California’s ballot.

CIV FI’s California 2010 Ballot Proposition Voter Guide

Prop. 19 to legalize marijuana – who cares? The big money behind this proposition is based on the premise that people who smoke marijuana will support it, and that people who smoke marijuana will vote if this measure is on the ballot, and that people who smoke marijuana are young voters who (currently) tend to vote Democratic. Proponents of Prop. 19 who are backing it for this reason – and all the recent big money coming in to support this initiative are only concerned about this, not anyone’s rights to get stoned or any supposed tax revenue to be collected – need to be careful what they wish for. If this measure passes the Obama administration will be forced to crack down on California’s medical marijuana industry, which will alienate not only the marijuana smoking crowd, but pretty much every young person or libertarian leaning older person in America. 2012, anyone? CIV FI takes no position on this initiative.

Prop. 20 to form an independent commission to redraw California’s federal congressional districts – YES. A few years ago, a similar measure passed to redraw state legislative […] Read More