Inclusive Nationalism

In response to the latest hysteria from the Left, the suppression of anything that even remotely smacks of “White Nationalism,” it is appropriate to again define and defend the benign, colorblind, patriotic, inspiring and inclusive nationalism that is the foundation of American greatness.

While the phrase “inclusive nationalism” might be criticized as an oxymoron, that is an overstatement of the tension between the two terms. Nationalism by definition is exclusive, insofar as you are either a citizen of a nation, or you are not. But by qualifying American nationalism as inclusive, and carefully explaining what “inclusive” means, you can rule out the malign forms of nationalism that emphasize race and ethnicity over more transcendent sources of unity.

It would be a inaccurate to consider inclusive nationalism as just another code word for globalism. If “inclusive” means you can become an American regardless of your ancestry, it doesn’t mean other criteria can’t be applied. Leftists, and globalists (often one and the same) use discussions of race and accusations of racism to shut down the long overdue conversation over what it means to be an American. Prefacing “nationalism” with the word “inclusive” reopens that conversation. So what would an inclusive nationalist consider prerequisites to being an American citizen?

A useful starting point comes from none other than former President Obama, speaking at a “Town Hall” in Berlin in early April. In that meeting, which hundreds of young leaders from across Europe attended, Obama said this:

“If you’re going to have […] Read More