Imagining Donald Trump’s Future for America

Anyone who thinks Trump’s victory is inevitable in 2020 is not paying attention. The entire weight of America’s profiteering elites are arrayed against him. But what if he wins anyway? What if enough voters realize they’re being conned by the Democrats? What if enough voters decide they don’t want to feel like unwanted usurpers in their own nation? What if voters of all ethnicities and genders realize that despite the unrelenting avalanche of lies coming from the Left, America is a welcoming and inclusive nation, and that the only way a society can stay healthy is by rewarding personal initiative?

What if a critical mass of independent voters conclude that, despite his pugnacity, President Trump cares about all Americans, and actually holds moderate, compassionate, common sense positions? If these things happen, and they very well might, not only will President Trump get reelected, but control of the House of Representatives will pass back over the GOP. And if these sentiments sweep across the land, then politicians of both parties will realize it is time to stop fighting and get back to serving the American people.

The first thing to understand is that Trump’s policies have a coherence that is denied by the Left and not sufficiently acknowledged by the Right. They rest on the premise that if America prioritizes its own economic and social welfare, that not only benefits the American people, but it makes America more capable of influencing events around the world.

In the process of prioritizing America’s […] Read More