A Week in the Life of ABC Nightly “News”

ABC Nightly News, televised daily across the nation at 5:30 p.m., offers what is perhaps the lowest common denominator of the mainstream media’s liberal, anti-Trump bias. But if you compare what ABC has to say to what actually constitutes balanced reporting, as well as to what actually qualifies as newsworthy reporting, ABC falls short. By these standards, i.e., by what used to be the basic editorial criteria for good journalism, ABC Nightly “News” is a dangerous fraud. They spew propaganda, calibrated at an almost infantile level, calculated to reinforce carefully nurtured biases within their television audience.

ABC news is anchored by the dashing metrosexual, David Muir, an actor of extraordinary skill. Muir, along with a laudably diverse collection of equally telegenic thespians masquerading as “journalists,” manages to exude convincing gravitas despite delivering, night after night, an embarrassing 30 minute infotainment sham, mixing in equal parts pablum and agenda-driven propaganda. Forget about the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Journalism, or the Edward R. Murrow Award. Give David Muir an Oscar.

ABC Nightly “News” is easily dissected. Their 30 minute formula, which all three legacy networks follow, consists of a prolonged opening segment, about 15 minutes in length, in which the supposedly top national and international stories are presented. An examination of what they reported on last week, during the five days from August 5th through August 9th, provides ample evidence of just how far removed they are from genuine journalism.

Monday August 5th

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