Civitas  –  the body of citizens who constitute a state, especially a city-state, commonwealth, or the like. citizenship, especially as imparting shared responsibility, a common purpose, and sense of community.

Fidelis  –  faithful, loyal.

CivFi.com exists to help answer a need for greater discussion among and between investors and policymakers on the issues of financial sustainability and sustainable economic growth in the 21st century. The name, CIV FI, is an abbreviation of two phrases; (1) Civitas Fidelis expresses the value of faith in human fellowship and ability to meet societal challenges through peaceful progress; (2) Civic Finance refers to exchanges of financial value that bring together public and private wealth to advance innovation and spread prosperity. CivFi aspires to participate in the dialogue towards discovering and adopting new, optimal and sustainable models for financing civilization.

CIV FI is written by Edward Ring, a 5th generation Californian with over 20 years experience in business and politics, primarily with start-up and early stage organizations. In recent years, from 2010 through 2016, he was a co-founder and served as the first president of the California Policy Center. From 2007 through July 2010, while working for AlwaysOn Media, Ring designed and launched their highly successful “GoingGreen” conferences, which drew clean technology entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. Ring was CFO, then CEO, for Upside Magazine in the 1990′s. He was CFO for VentureOne in 1998 when it was sold to Reuters. Ring was CFO for Play Industries in 1999-2000, the first company to develop and deploy technology for desktop digital video production and internet video broadcasting. In 2003, Ring was Director of Strategic Planning for Anuvu, one of the first companies to build a prototype fuel cell vehicle.

In 1995 Ring founded www.EcoWorld.com, an online environmental magazine reporting on clean technology and the status of species and ecosystems. For over 14 years under Ring’s editorial direction, EcoWorld was a respected international voice for free-market and property rights based environmentalism, something that is needed now more than ever. In 1998, Ring was involved in the formation and served as a director for Trees Water & People, an NGO that supports reforesting throughout Central America.

Ring is a prolific writer on the topics of political reform and sustainable economic development. He has been interviewed, published or quoted by the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Economist, Die Zeit, Real Clear Politics, Politico, American Greatness, City Journal, Zero Hedge, and other media outlets. In addition to selections on CivFi, Ring’s recent work can be found on the websites American Greatness, Fox & Hounds Daily, the California Policy Center, and as articles on his LinkedIn profile. Ring has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from UC Davis, and an MBA in Finance from USC.

Edward Ring is available to speak to your organization on topics of political reform and sustainable economic development. Examples of his radio interviews can be listened to here. He can be reached at ed[@]edwardring.com.

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