Where Are Tax Increases Going?

AUDIO: Where are tax increases going? What about to pay for 15% raises for state and local government employees between 2012 and 2015 (most of it to fund pensions)?

In this San Diego radio interview on 12/27, as a researcher for the California Policy Center, I provided the first release of compiled 2015 data on average California public sector worker pay and benefits by city, county, and state agencies, and by miscellaneous, police, and fire. My segment starts at minute 6:30.

Radio Interview (starts minute 6:30) KOGO AM 600, San Diego – Carl DeMaio Show

Why California’s Global Warming Solutions Act is Misguided Policy

As reported earlier this month in the Los Angeles Times, California policymakers are expanding their war on “climate change” at the same time as the rest of the nation appears poised to reevaluate these priorities. In particular, California’s legislature has reaffirmed the commitment originally set forth in the 2006 “Global Warming Solutions Act” (AB 32) to reduce the state’s CO2 emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030.

Just exactly how California policymakers intend to do this merits intense discussion and debate. As the Los Angeles Times reporter put it, “The ambitious new goals will require complex regulations on an unprecedented scale, but were approved in Sacramento without a study of possible economic repercussions.”

At the risk of providing actual quantitative facts that may be extraordinarily challenging for members of California’s legislature, most of whom have little or no formal training in finance or economics (ref. California’s Economically Illiterate Legislature, 4/05/2016), the following chart depicts data that helps explain the futility of what California’s citizens are about to endure:

CALIFORNIA ENERGY CONSUMPTION, POPULATION, GDP, AND CO2 EMISSIONS Comparisons to the rest of the USA, China, India, and the world

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The first row of data in the above table is “Carbon emissions,” column one shows California’s total annual CO2 emissions including “CO2 equivalents” – bovine flatulence, for example, is included in this number – expressed in millions of metric […] Read More

California’s Voters Just Approved $5.0 Billion in New Taxes Per Year

AUDIO: If public pension funds were subject to the ERISA rules that govern private pension systems, last year’s total payments into these funds would have been $37 billion short of what is necessary to keep them solvent in the long run.

The following 8 minute interview aired on the Doug McIntyre Show (KABC, AB 740, Los Angeles) on December 8, 2016.


Rebuilding California’s Infrastructure

AUDIO: We live in one of the most innovative, developed places on earth, and we’re acting as if we have to ration energy and ration water.

The following 30 minute interview aired on the Andy Caldwell Show (KUHL, AM 1440, Central Coast) on December 5, 2016.